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Clare Page <>

Hi !

It isn’t just in alpha and beta snapshots of NVDA that this problem with Add-On Updater occurs: I have had it twice using the latest full version of NVDA, 2018.2.1, on a Windows 7 computer.

I had already had that problem when I installed Add-On Updater 18.08.4, but at the time, having read that it was a patch to get rid of a bug in 18.08.3 which I had never installed, I thought maybe skipping versions might be to blame; When I read on this list about the release of Add-On Updater 18.08.5, I did a clean install of that version, and I still don’t have Check For Updates in my NVDA Tools menu, nor anything to do with the add-on updater in my NVDA settings.

It’s interesting that only a few of us have this bug. Does this add-on only work for Windows 8 or Windows 10? Or is there something else causing this problem, Thanks in advance for any possible theories in answer to these questions.

Bye for now!

From Clare


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Yes, I am getting the same results!

Updater works great with alpha snapshots, but not with beta!

David Moore


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I'm in the same position with it on the beta 2 version installed, yet alpha

snaps are working as portable and the add on is OK there. Look at the errors

I posted on the add ons list. It seems to be the eof error that is doing it.

I cannot see any difference between the add ons on both systems, so unless

the beta of nvda latest version is somehow different. I have had to turn it

off as all I get otherwise is an error on nvda start up and no menu option.

Could there be some remnant of something left that its seeing as a file it

needs to scan?




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> Hi,

> Which NVDA version do you have? If it is 2018.2, chances are that it might

> be something going wrong when the add-on starts, or somehow the

> installation

> has become corrupt.

> Cheers,

> Joseph

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> Hi,

> I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling addon updater. I can't get the

> check for updates option to show up at all.







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