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Hello Quentin:


Thanks for your explanation. I was trying to find a common thread before mentioning this problem. Has it been considered to split the annotations into 2 separate panes, one for only comments and another for insertions and deletions (my preference)? This might make each faster. I think this is how WindowEyes did it in the past. Also, what about producing the partial results after the 20 seconds. Something is often better than nothing. The only issue here is how to announce that the results are incomplete.


Whatever you do, don’t go to the separate keystrokes for each type like in Jaws. I can never remember all the different keystrokes. I like the single dialog with multiple choices.


Also, is there a way to select the default view. While some people might prefer links as the default, since I mainly work with reviewing, I much prefer annotations as the default when first invoking the elements dialog.




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Hi Kelby,


It is an issue we are aware of.  The issue and associated conversation are at:


Basically NVDA gives the process 20 seconds to run and if it hasn't finished in that time, it cancels it so that the user isn't left with an unresponsive system for too long.  We're looking into how we can improve that.


Word's reviewing pane lists all the track changes etc.  You can get to that from the reviewing pane, and the easy, quick and logical shortcut* to get to it is alt+r, z, t, t, p, enter


If you want to "clear" track changes so you can just see comments etc, you can press ALT+r, a, 2, s to accept all tracked changes and turn off tracking.


*Shortcut may or may not be easy, quick or logical




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When I am in a Word document with a lot of annotations and press NVDA+F7, then check the radio buttons for "annotations" nothing shows up in the list. Is there a way to fix this?



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