Re: NVDA FireFox and PDF Incompatibility?


Well for pdfs to be honest unless you have a need to open them inside the brouser go to options, and then applications and save them to save.

You can open them outside the brouser easily enough.

On 8/14/2018 9:05 AM, David Russell wrote:
Hi all,

Several months ago I reverted to a classic version of Firefox so as to
cope with the then release of version 57, which was found to have
issues with NVDA and it was recommended to go back to a classic
version to avoid the onslaught of mini-upgrades. That was suggested to
be a workable resolution until now, July/August 2018.
Now, PDFs do not open, and this evidently from a Google search is a
common issue once again as of January 2018.
I receive a couple email newsletters that are PDF format documents
read at the given website. I cannot read them, obviously.
What are our options other than unsubscribe from sites that utilize PDF formats?

A more basic question is where can one educate themselves to become
proficient as some here on resolving some issues that come along that
repeat over and over again?
Browser upgrades, radio or TV change output venues, what basic
maintenance is required, etc. Thanks.

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