Re: NVDA and AMD processors

Antony Stone

It might help to know what sound card / chipset this machine uses, in case
other people have the same hardware and can comment on any problems they've

Also, when NVDA stops talking and needs to be restarted, do other sounds (a
media player, for example) continue normally?

Which version of Windows are you running?

Which speech synthesiser are you using, and have you tried another one to see
whether the problem remains or changes?

Is there any obvious situation or timing to when NVDA gives up - does it stop
when you try to do certain things, or when it's been running for a certain
length of time? How often does it occur?


On Tuesday 14 August 2018 at 00:46:41, Don H wrote:

all drivers are up to date

On 8/13/2018 5:28 PM, Mike Sedmak wrote:
Is your audio driver up to date?


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On Aug 13, 2018, at 4:21 PM, Don H <> wrote:

Just purchased a HP Envy 13z laptop that has AMD Ryzen™ 5 processor and
AMD Radeon™ Vega 8 Graphics.
I have installed the latest released version of NVDA. I am having a
issue where NVDA stops talking and has to be restarted to get speech
back. Are there any known issues with NVDA on a AMD system? Any hints
in how to figure out what is going on? Thanks
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