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Yes indeed, its a mess. I always use a reader whis is not part of any browser.

Of course this can have issues for those still on xp as the adobe product which is current cannot run on xp.
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this issue remain and is not be resolved.
because firefox does not support npapi plugings in the version 52 and later.
you can open your pdf files with firefox directly, but cant use npapi
pluging acrobot reader.

On 8/14/18, Abbie Taylor <> wrote:
Did you know that Firefox can be set to open pdf files in another program
such as Adobe Acrobat Reader? I don't remember exactly how I set it up, but
now, when I download my local newspaper, which is in pdf format, I just
click on the link to the issue I want, and after okaying a dialog box that
confirms that I want to open the document in DocuScan Pus, a program I use
to read pdf files, voilla! Until the issue with Firefox and pdf files is
resolved, this might be a good work-around.

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