NVDA + F5 hotkey doing an actual document reload

Jacob Kruger

This is something I think has been going on across a few versions of NVDA now, and, just wanted to confirm that it's not me that's confused.

I am currently making use of Version: alpha-15854,a8bda064, FWIW.

Anyway, I was under the impression that, for example, in a web browser, the hotkey combination of NVDA + F5 should repopulate the virtual buffer rendition of the page contents - I do need this at times since I work with dynamic web contents - but, it seems to, literally, just reload the page as if you'd clicked on something like the browsers own refresh button, or as if you'd in fact told NVDA that the next keypress should be passed directly through to the operating system?

Or am I incorrect in having thought it only repopulated a form of virtual buffer for the webpage?


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