Checkable list boxes comes to NVDA, it will make its debut as early as end of this year


Hi everyone,


This is first of a series of two advisories regarding changes coming in NVDA 2018.4 that’ll affect everyone (the second advisory, which is more important than this one, is next):


Checkable list boxes comes to NVDA. A checkable list box is a list of checkboxes laid out vertically so you can select one or more items by checking checkboxes. The best known example of this control is Disk Cleanup where you can select items to delete once cleanup scan results are returned.


Prior to this, NVDA users and developers could not use this control due to accessibility issues. A combination of MSAA events and a property server implementation resolves this (developed by a third-party contributor,. Not me). At the moment this new control has scaling issues with high DPI (dots per inch) displays, but it doesn’t affect how it works. A corresponding scaling problem was filed on wxPython GitHub repo at:


As a result of introduction of checkable list boxes, the following changes has been made or under planning phase:



  • In keyboard settings panel, you might be familiar with a series of checkboxes for selecting NVDA modifier keys. This is now a checkable list box.



  • It may one day be possible to select which add-ons you’d like to copy to secure screens when copying NVDA user settings.


Thank you.



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