Re: Change on Amazon makes buying options less, possibly inaccessible with screenreaders while on product page


& actually, I think this might only be free if one has Kindle
unlimited--else it would appear that it's $2.99.

On 8/14/18, Annette Moore <angelgirl52376@...> wrote:
I see what you mean. What I had to do in order to find the buy with one
click button was to tab around. It doesn't show as an actual button by
hitting the letter b, and when I tried to read the current line while I
was on the button, it didn't say anything, so hitting the letter b won't
get you to it. You do have to tab around. My Firefox updated yesterday,
so I'm just wondering if that broke something. At least that button
still shows up by tabbing, so try that and se what happens. I didn't
actualy click the button though, so I don't know if it works. I hope it
does so you can get that book. I should find something that sounds
interesting to me and grab it just to see if it does work. I don't like
the way the page is laid out now at all, but at least tab is your friend.


On 8/14/2018 3:56 PM, Kwork wrote:
Up through yesterday, I had no trouble buying Kindle books through
Amazon. Things were labeled, and easily findable. Today the area of
the page where the buying options are seems to have changed.
There is now a new heading called "Buying Options." It's the first
heading on the page. The interesting thing about this heading is that
there is no number associated with it. Instead of saying "heading
level 1," as the heading below it says, all is says is "heading."
I think the buy and read now links, along with the price that used to
be readily visible are now hidden inside the new "heading" area.
Arrowing down once leads to the "add to list" checkbox.
This has been confirmed both in Firefox 64 and Chrome 64 using Windows
7 64-bit and NVDA 2018.2.1.
If anyone else can confirm, and can have any idea on how to deal with
this, that would be appreciated.
Here's an example. For the US, this book is free at least today, hence
why I chose it, so trying to buy it won't cost anybody any money. And,
yes, the page is the same whether a book is free or not:

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