Re: Change on Amazon makes buying options less, possibly inaccessible with screenreaders while on product page

Annette Moore

Thanks, Travis. I will file this info away because I, too, use Kindle Unlimited. I used it just the other day to grab a book and it worked just fine: the correct buttons showed in the correct places and showed as actual buttons. thank you. I wouldn't have even thought to route the NVDA cursor to the buttton because I'm not as familiar with that as I really need to be. I never used the virtual mouse cursor in System Access when I used it and rarely ever used the JAWS cursor in JAWS when I used that because I didn't really understand how it worked, but it sounds like it's time for me to learn to understand it. LOL! Thanks again.


On 8/14/2018 9:24 PM, Travis Siegel wrote:
The problem exists when using the kindle unlimited program to get a book. You have to tab to the button (NVDA sees it as a button), but pressing b doesn't go to it.  However, when I was sitting on it (after finding it via the tab key), I used nvda-F1 to bring up it's information, and it is clearly labeled as a button, so no clue why b doesn't navigate to it. I've also discovered the only for me to click the button is to use the route command (nvda-numpad minus) to route the nvda cursor to it, then press nvda-shift-numpad enter.  (yes, I need the shift, without it, it activates an entirely different page which has ne bearing on what I'm trying to do).  No idea why the shift works and w/o the shift doesn't, but there it is.  That's the only I've managed to get my books into the kindle app using the web site.  Interestingly enough, using safari on the Iphone doesn't have this issue.

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