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Well you shouldn't need to ocr every pdf you open most pdfs, 99.9% of them unless they are images will not need scanning.

If its an image, acrobat dc will tell you when you need ocr.

On 8/14/2018 11:46 PM, Gene wrote:
Since Docuscan is an OCR program, it sounds to me as though you are performing OCR on every PDF document you open. This takes extra time; it may take a good deal of extra time. There are times, I don't work with PDF documents enough to know how often, that this will correct or reduce decolumnization problems. That is, at times, just reading a PDF document that is in columns misplaces text significantly. OCR can at times, correct or mostly eliminate the problem. but it also introduces errors and is not the original document, if you need the original document for some reason, such as for legal reasons.

In short, instead of having an OCR program recognize every PDF document, you might to better to have an actual PDF reader display files, then decide if you want to perform OCR on them. Your newspaper may or may not display properly without OCR. If it doesn't need OCR, you will eliminate errors in recognition and you will have the document ready faster, perhaps much faster.

If it does need OCR, it may be most efficient to have it recognized by Docuscan rather than by downloading it first. But there may be times when you would be better served temporarily changing the setting to work with another program.

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Did you know that Firefox can be set to open pdf files in another program
such as Adobe Acrobat Reader? I don't remember exactly how I set it up, but
now, when I download my local newspaper, which is in pdf format, I just
click on the link to the issue I want, and after okaying a dialog box that
confirms that I want to open the document in DocuScan Pus, a program I use
to read pdf files, voilla! Until the issue with Firefox and pdf files is
resolved, this might be a good work-around.

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