Re: NVDA + F5 hotkey doing an actual document reload

Jacob Kruger

Ok, I actually now just tested the NVDA + F5 keystroke on one of my own webpages, where I am making changes to layout/content dynamically, and, it did seem to indeed repopulate the virtual buffer, and, not try reload the page, since, yes, inbetween having loaded the page, and having invoked content changes, I then disconnected from the internet, before hitting that keystroke, and, NVDA key + F5 didn't try reload the page normally, but, just seemed to be rescanning the page contents/document object model, and, I tried this with both firefox and chrome, so, not sure why it seems to, at times operate slightly differently - will need to make notes the next time I come across something like this, to make sure it's not just my own imagination...<smile>

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I suggest you ask this question as an issue on github. I to was under the same impression as you.
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Problem with standard F5 keystroke is that almost every single browser
will then just reload the page from scratch, losing all DHTML content

I do also know that NVDA key + number row 5 is meant to turn on
reporting of dynamic content changes, but, it won't always work, partly
since, at times, the webpages document-object-model will be rather

Either way, I had just thought/assumed that it was offering/implementing
a form of virtual page buffer refresh, but anyway - will play around
with other keystrokes, alt+tabbing away from window, and back to it,
etc. etc.

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On 8/14/2018 1:59 PM, Gene wrote:
I believe it does reload the document, because, as I recall, I think
it takes too long than to just refresh the buffer. If so, it is doing
the same thing as just f5. Of course, if you reload the document, you
are reloading the buffer. But try turning browse mode off and then on
with NVDA key space. This may just refresh the buffer.
If NVDA key f5 is explained in the manual, I don't know where. It
isn't discussed in the browse mode section. It is probably mentioned
in the quick reference guide, but it may well not clarify what it does.
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*Subject:* [nvda] NVDA + F5 hotkey doing an actual document reload

This is something I think has been going on across a few versions of
NVDA now, and, just wanted to confirm that it's not me that's confused.

I am currently making use of Version: alpha-15854,a8bda064, FWIW.

Anyway, I was under the impression that, for example, in a web browser,
the hotkey combination of NVDA + F5 should repopulate the virtual buffer
rendition of the page contents - I do need this at times since I work
with dynamic web contents - but, it seems to, literally, just reload the
page as if you'd clicked on something like the browsers own refresh
button, or as if you'd in fact told NVDA that the next keypress should
be passed directly through to the operating system?

Or am I incorrect in having thought it only repopulated a form of
virtual buffer for the webpage?


Jacob Kruger
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