Re: Button no longer works on website after Windows update

Howard Traxler <howard@...>

Rick's question reminds me of one I've had:  How does one route the mouse pointer to where you are reading?  Thanks.

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Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2018 4:14 AM
Subject: [nvda] Button no longer works on website after Windows update



Overnight, my computer was updated with the latest Windows update for Windows 10 Professional. As a result, some buttons on a certain website no longer function. They worked yesterday and they do not work today and the only change I know of to my computer is the Windows update. The url is:


I have tried both Internet Explorer 11 and the latest version of Firefox.


There are 2 buttons on this page that I can no longer activate, one labeled Member Login and another labeled Login as Site Admin. They can be quickly navigated to using the B key. However, I cannot seem to get them to perform their typical action using either the keyboard (I’ve tried Enter, Space and Shift + Enter) or routing the mouse and pressing the slash key to simulate a left mouse click.


If the button works, you will be presented with an edit box where you can begin entering your name. There have been no changes made to the website. I know this because I am one of its administrators.


I am using the latest released version of NVDA without any addins.



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