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Firstly which version of Tbird do you run now?

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Hi marcio,
Could you tell me how you are currently doing it please?

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Can you tell me where I find this addon?
I know how to move Thunderbird Columns but with an addon it'll be
easier, I'm sure.

Em 16/08/2018 08:31, Rui Fontes escreveu:
It is a NVDA addon, and with my version of Thunderbird, 52.9.1 (32
bits) still works to manage coluns...

Rui Fontes
NVDA portuguese team

�s 12:05 de 16/08/2018, Gene escreveu:
There is an add on, I don't recall if it is a Thunderbird or an NVDA
add on that makes changing the order much easier.� I don't know if it
works with new versions, but it might save you time and trouble to
wait for more information from the list about it.
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*Subject:* [nvda] Thunderbird columns with object navigation

Hi group,
I came across this post about changing the order of mail message
columns in

Unfortunately I can't find the column headers anywhere on Thunderbird
using object navigation. I can move around the message list and
folder list
and I've been able to drag and drop folders around using the same

Has anyone had any luck with accessing the message column headers with
recent Thunderbird versions please?

Very many thanks,

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