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Walker, Michael E

Yes, you certainly can do something about unlabeled graphics in JAWS. You can set graphics to show all, and you can also identify graphics by different characteristics like the file name and URL. This should be a feature in NVDA. While I agree with writing to the site's developers, it often doesn't make a difference, if they don't care. In that case, the blind user needs to be able to find a way.

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I don't think you can do much about idiotic web site design. I think you might be able to in Jaws, though it is often a trial and error thing as unless you have sighted help to identify non marked controls you are stuffed. It might be worth writing to the site admins and pointing out that a little bit ofalt tagging would go a long way.

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Subject: [nvda] unlabeled graphics on the web

Hi, how do I get NVDA to identify all graphics on a web page, including the
unlabeled ones, if I need to click one for example? Also, which section of
the user guide explains this in further detail? Thanks.

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