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That ding drives me crazy, and is actually a reason I quit using betas. Having to wait just a bit longer for a new or fixed feature for me is a fair trade off for not having to deal with unquenchable dings. If there was an on/off checkbox, that would become moot. Personal preference only

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Hi Don,

As Joseph mentioned, the "ding" indicates that NVDA encountered an error which it wrote to its log.  It doesn't necessarily mean that you can't do whatever you were trying to do - often NVDA itself hits the error, then used a workaround, so from a user point of view, everything may still work normally.  The only difference is that in the alpha and beta builds, you get a ding, whereas in the stable release you don't and the error just writes quietly to the log.

The idea is that developers can use it to find when errors are being generated when they are working on something.

There is currently no setting to disable this, however if you are encountering a particular error that you can share how to replicate, do please report it so that we can endeavour to resolve it.

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On Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 12:17 PM, Don H <lmddh50@...> wrote:
Don't know when there is a bug in the alpha or beta versions of NVDA. When running either the Alpha or Beta versions I get a lot of error dings as I call them when browsing using Google Chrome.  For example every time i get to a edit box I get the error ding.  Sometimes just opening a web site gives me a ding.  Is there some reasoning behind such dings?

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