Re: Am Able to Reproduce Issue with Purchasing Kindle Books

Antony Stone

Surely a virtual Kindle can log on to the Amazon cloud storage service just
the same as a physical one can?

All the "send to my Kindle" button does it to put the item into your cloud
storage account, for the eBook device (real or virtual) to download next time
it syncs.


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A lot of people only have a virtual Kindle though, so that would not seem
logical, how would it know where to send it. I am hearing this issue might
be wider than just books to the kindle though, even normal purchases might
be affected. My guess is that something is screwed in the page mark up for
landmarks and headings.

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I almost never purchase anything from Amazon but there is a button when you
purchase a Kindle version of a book that says somethin like send to my
Kindle. I don't know if this will do what people want. But those
interested can try the button and see what happens.

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A while back, someone posted here that they were having trouble
purchasing Kindle books on the Amazon site with NVDA. I just tried to
purchase a book, and I couldn't find either the buy with one click
button or the add to cart button. After trying this with both Firefox
and Chrome with similar results, I called their disability hot line. The
representative I talked to was able to add the book to my cart, and I
was able to purchase it that way. I explained to her that others with
visual impairments who use screen reading software are also having
difficulty, and she said she would pass it along. Will just have to see
what happens.
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