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What about shoving a silent wav into the folder called the error.wav?
Ok not a good idea as you really do want to report errors, but I was just mentioning a possible work around. In the dev list the other day, in response to Micks question about errors in edit boxes I published some log fragments showing the errors generated in the beta branch during explorer file search. I have seen no reply, but since nothing bad actually happened I'd suggest that the errors are mostly benign, but could be a good way to track down some based on them which might be more serious.

I think people should perhaps think this way.
Did these errors cause a real issue?
If yes then go to gather and start a new issue. If its just another version of an existing one, somebody will come along and see that and probably add it to the old issue and close the new one.
If it does not give any problems to the usage, then it can be just ignored. it can as the poster said, though be annoying if every keystroke generates the noise.
This also happens in Word sometimes, mainly spellchecking, but the error is quite obviously merely the triggering of the error that does not matter at all.
If you really do want to help find bugs then you do need to live with errors. maybe the error sound could be a little quieter?

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This "ding" sound indicates an error that NVDA has encountered. You can't really turn this off in development snapshots (alpha and beta).

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Don't know when there is a bug in the alpha or beta versions of NVDA.
When running either the Alpha or Beta versions I get a lot of error dings as I call them when browsing using Google Chrome. For example every time i get to a edit box I get the error ding. Sometimes just opening a web site gives me a ding. Is there some reasoning behind such dings?

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