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I think the point has to be here that if you are only cutting part of a formatted bit of text that part of the formatting cannot be known if it is outside of the selection, so it will paste in some way other than might have been expected.
I see no real way around this other than to somehow cut and paste all of the page or at least the currently formatted bit and paste it into word, then use cut and paste again between word docs.
I have found this works quite well.

Often of course, as I often have to do, I do not really want formatting as I'm making up a script to read using facts taken from the web.

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I believe your latest suspicion is probably correct. I found the same thing that you did if I selected when Focus Highlight showed me to be in browse mode with a thin, green dashed line indicating the navigator object selected. When this was text of any kind I'd get straight text - formatting was not retained.

I used the methods I document here:

* Selecting Text Using Windows Keyboard Shortcuts ( )

once I've got myself positioned where I want to be, or at least roughly so, I really don't know how screen reader users ever get precise positioning in masses of text easily, as I'm certainly crappy at doing so using only the keyboard.

If I select that way all formatting, and additional content if the text is interrupted by an inline image, is retained and pastes perfectly.

Someone else who's a better NVDA user than I am can test the details out.


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