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I haven't used JAWS to any extent for years.  When in Internet Explorer, I don't know about other browsers, if you open the quick settings dialog, you will see a copy from page or copy from clipboard option.  You can change it with the space bar.  The command to open the quick settings dialog is JAWS key v.
You can experiment to see the differences when you copy using the different settings. 
Quick navigation keys don't work in forms mode.  they only work in the virtual PC cursor, just as they only work in Browse Mode.  they are almost exactly the same feature. 

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Since analogies to JAWS have been made, I am not quite sure I understand the difference between browse mode (in both JAWS and NVDA) and Forms Mode (JAWS) and Focus Mode (NVDA).

The behaviors, at least so far, that I've seen in browse mode in both are very largely analgous, and Forms Mode in JAWS is very similar to Focus Mode in NVDA.

As far as movement goes, I can't use quick navigation in JAWS if I'm in Forms mode, as it takes the commands as though I were entering text, which makes perfect sense, as that's the purpose of Forms Mode.  The same is true of NVDA in Focus Mode.

The above is an aside, or at least aside from the copy/paste issue.  What am I missing here?


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