Strange occasional issue in Windows 10 with programmes taking a long time to load -- maybe media players in particular?

JM Casey <crystallogic@...>

Hey folks. I’m sorry, this isn’t directly an NVDA issue, but the list moderators are often quite relaxed about letting things drift off on occasion, and I’m not currently signed up to any forums where I can ask directly, so I wondered if there might be someone here who has had experience with a similar issue.


I’m running Windows 10, 1803. I have the last version of winamp, 5.666, with the patch designed for Windows 10.


Although I’m not certain these things are related, I feel like this actually started with VLC. Some months back I downloaded the 64-bit version of VLC 3.0. I was immediately impressed with how fast it loaded. Only a few seconds between hitting enter in file explorer and playing a video, and I thought this was nice. However, seemingly a few weeks later, VlC was taking thirty seconds or more to open. Recently they put out an update, which I installed, and VlC was back to loading fast again.


Now though, and I’m not absolutely certain when this started, but it was recent, Winamp, which I still use for audio playback, is taking a really long time to load! Much longer than VLC did, even when it was having its weird issue. I estimate that whether I hit enter on a file in explorer, or use the context menu to play a folder, or use the run box to open the programme directly, it takes about two minutes for the window to appear and/or audio to start playing. Weirdly, once or twice it seems like the audio starts playing, but ther’es no window for several minutes, and during that time of coruse none of the Winamp controls work.

Any thoughts or suggestions as to what might be causing it? I have a feeling reinstalling might fix the issue, but I’d still like to know what might have caused this to happen.




Actually, I’m not even certain how related these things are, but

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