Re: Review position not following system cursor in terminal applications

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Do you absolutely need the Windows subsystem for Linux to accomplish your goals? Can you accomplish what you need through PowerShell, the Cygwin terminal, MSYS, or Git BASH?


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From: [] On Behalf Of Jason White via Groups.Io
Sent: Friday, August 17, 2018 3:16 PM
Subject: [nvda] Review position not following system cursor in terminal applications


I’ve been trying to use NVDA 2018.2.1 in terminal applications such as the Windows Subsystem for Linux. The BrailleExtender add-on is loaded, and highly desirable. It’s configured by default to ensure that the braille display tracks the review position in terminal applications.


Unfortunately, the review position isn’t following the system cursor. Thus, for example, if I issue a command that generates several lines on the terminal, and the cursor moves to the  new prompt that immediately follows this output, the review position isn’t moved forward with it.


All of the NVDA preferences related to navigation seem to be set correctly as far as I can tell (I haven’t changed them from the defaults, as it’s a new installation on an up to date Windows 10 version 1803 system).


Have I neglected to change a setting, or is there a deeper problem here? Suggestions about likely causes and solutions would be most welcome.


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