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I think there exists a common misunderstanding about being grateful vs being satisfied. If I were unable to walk and someone took me halfway to my destination, I would certainly be grateful but at the same time still dissatisfied. It's a perfectly normal and valid state to be in.
Also, expecting gratitude is an invalid standpoint. Gratitude is an emotion, and we are not generally in control over how we feel. It's the same as saying "I expect you not to be thirsty" or "I expect you to love me now."

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But if people are so concerned with gratitude that they don't speak their mind about what needs improvement, no one is being served.  JAWS is still better in a lot of employment situations and a few years ago, even one or two of the main developers said this.  Since then, NVDA has become more capable in employment situations but it still has serious drawbacks in a lot of cases. 
I can appreciate NVDA and the work that went into it but that has nothing to do with whether I or others should speak freely about what needs improvement. 
Historically, blind people have been expected to be grateful.  I appreciate things but I don't like the word grateful  It smaks of the days of rampant paternalism when blind people were expected to be little better than charity cases.  As I said, I can appreciate something like NVDA but grateful is a different word with different and very unfavorable connotations for what it means to be a blind person in modern times. 
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It is Mike who was talking to you all earlier about copy and paste. I am now on my personal e-mail.


I want to clarify what was said about the copy and paste system on the web needing to be perfected, for NVDA to be adequate for college and employment. Let us take a moment to think about what NVDA does for us, because of the hundreds if not thousands of man hours of development put into this. I pulled down the source from GitHub, after talking with Joseph Lee, to gain an appreciation of what goes into building this thing. It is incredible. I work for the Boeing Company. That is right. It is the same company that builds all the airplanes and Defense, Space, and security systems. I use NVDA as my primary screen reader in Git BASH, and Visual Studio Code. NVDA is what helped me build the Angular template for Boeing’s frontend architecture reference implementation. I only ever turn on JAWS, if I am using something highly proprietary like Citrix.


Do I think NVDA could use some improvements that proprietary screen readers have? Absolutely, but we must also remember the imperfections of proprietary readers. NVDA is the best reader I have found that supports Notepad++ and SQL Server Management Studio where JAWS repeats the lines, when I down arrow. JAWS is also way more heavyweight, and crashes over the simplest things. I cannot remember the last time NVDA froze.


Overall, what we need is an attitude of gratitude. NVDA is plenty suited for education and employment, despite its imperfection and need for a bit of improvement. Let me close out by saying use Microsoft Narrator full-time for education and employment, or even Orca for Linux. They do not have half the shit NVDA does.


Thank you so much for taking the time to volunteer and develop NVDA. Keep up the great work! I will use NVDA until the day I die over JAWS.


Mighty Mike

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