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Please read my message again.  I said nothing of the sort.  I have discussed what I said in other messages that you will see. 
As for which I prefer, for general nonwork and academic use, I prefer NVDA.  I haven't used JAWS to any extent for years. 
There are academic and work settings where NVDA would be fine.  There are many in which it would fall short and some of those could be corrected by user definable parameters available in JAWS, allowing someone who is not knowledgeable about writing NVDA scripts to do what is necessary.  That means that JAWS can be modified in many instances by someone far more quickly, such as a DVR employee or contractor who might go to the work site and do so.  With NVDA, the modifications would be done by someone writing a script, and even if it would be advantageous to have the person do so on the web site to see if the work meets the specific program use requirements well, the person would usually be scripting at a distance, using information about what is needed.  And time might be lost finding someone willing to write the script. 

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Hi, Chris,

Yes, it appears from what I read that Gene prefers Jaws over NVDA. We all
have the right to our own opinions. We should be able to agree to disagree.
After all, that's what life is all about--differing viewpoints. I used Jaws
for years and both Jaws and NVDA are great programs. NVDA serves my needs
very well.


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THis really has nothing to do with the current conversation, but I have to
Since when did human society degrade to such a point that people cannot have
different viewpoints on issues.
I happen to agree with Michael that I do like NVDA better than JAWS.
THat is not to say JAWS is a bad product. I just prefer NVDA over JAWS.
Jean, it appears that you prefer JAWS over NVDA. That's cool to. Can't we
just agree to disagree?"

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