NVDA 2016.2: Thoughts on Formatting information dialog

Bhavya shah

Dear all,
I acknowledge this to be a potentially subjective opinion and
consequently request, but initiating a discussion about the same all
the same, in order to gather more user feedback about this feature.
In NVDA version 2016.2 RC 1, you can now press NVDA + F twice in quick
succession to be presented formatting information for the
corresponding text in the form of a navigable dialog.
The two concerns I have here, which are quite trivial, but still
somewhat necessaryare as follows:
When NVDA + F is pressed twice in quick succession -
* NVDA reads all the text of that dialog, i.e. the formatting
information, and then when the user navigates the dialog, he finds
himself at the end of the dialog, and has to up arrow instead of the
usual down arrowing to explore information.
* NVDA says 'formatting' twice, with a pause, which may result in a
momentary delay, as opposed to saying it only once to announce the
opening of the dialog.
Note: I am testing this with Microsoft Office Word 2010, and this, and
my previous observation, both are based on a Windows 8.1 system.
In case these issues are considered more or less important by other
testers than me, and if it is easy enough for developers to speedily
implement and fix, I (or others) may file a ticket for the same.

Warm Regards
Bhavya Shah
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