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Well if you have spent  a lot of money on something, even if another systems come s alone even if that system is utter crap you can't just switch away from it.

Its why I will never switch to linux as such, I have spent so much cash on windows from screen readers to apps, to games that to switch, well I just can't see myself doing it.

My aunt works in a clothing company, they recently switched from their own customised software to sap, it did not need their needs, however while they eventually did switch back to their own thing, because they had spent millions on sap, they were reluctant to do so.

The same goes for here.

The the advantages of prepriatory software or in house stuff or comercial software is that you can't easily get at it, its closed source, its got perofessional support, its not malware full, you have a contract with company x, iff it screws up you can sue if you wish.

Its what everyone uses, and well thats it.

Opensource stuff, its good, can be updated quickly, has no comercial restrictions, user supported, easy for everyone to get at.

Its good free and everyone likes it.

But anyone in theory could do bad things to it, its full of viruses and malware, will give access to your computer and could be a really big security risk.

And while we manage things properly here, the developers like in espeak could just drop off the earth and leave no forwarding address.

That doesn't really work well with companies.

Now imagine you have spent cash for jaws, or dolphin, for years and years, and this new thing comes along.

You can't up and leave even if x software suddenly becomes so crappy that your sysem needs to be reformatted daily and all your users complain you can't just up and leave.

Simply put, its more than likely that even if the industry has started to change, for those that helped companies like freedom scientiffic along either through contracts or simply because for the non willingness to move well.

Point is, it could be, we won't leave, it could also bee we can't leave, and may not be able to leave till the contract ends.

Since some of these contracts could be openended I mean jaws for businesses and for some other places probably was it, I doubt anyone actually designed the contracts so you could walk, it wouldn't be likely you would ever need to, and now they can't just leave.

Jaws is what everyone uses because it is.

It doesn't matter if jaws becomes utter crap, it simply will be like that till they will leave.

And even if some of these organisations from time to time may want to leave, I suspect they may not be able to at least not easily.

And if they leave they may not be able to come back.

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This sounds like what I get sometimes when asking government agencies or companies that deal with the disabled why they won’t use open source apps like NVDA and open source Oses like Linux. They tend to sneer at Linux, the reasons vary, but usually come down to it’s not windows, and NVDA they seem to have some problem with. It’s somehow inferior to jaws or dolphin access’s products, even though I’ve used both NVDA and Linux distros and both serve my needs just fine. I’ve pretty much settled on a dual boot approach, I use both ubuntu mate with orca, and windows 10 with NVDA, and both work well, and I have no need for jaws, with the exception of fs reader, the daisy reading application. I don’t want to start a flame war, but these kinds of answers irritate me, because they basically boil down to we’re going to continue to do what we’ve always done, change is bad, open source is inferior and so on. And before someone points out that there are cases where jaws does work better, I’m well aware of that, but those cases are getting rarer and rarer, although they do still exist.


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I actually brought that up to our bsb here, and they were telling me
they could not do that for security reasons and they would continue to
use jaws as jaws and freedom were a vender and nvda company were not.
Um, huh?

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I'll just say one more thing. Yes, I believe employers should give
chance. I remember telling a rehabilitation counselor one time that if
and other counselors would encourage their clients to use NVDA, they
save lots of money. Then the money they save could be used for things
microsoft word or things needed to do a job more efficiently.

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I'll just say this.
I do not understand why an employer would care what screen reader you
So long as it doesn't interfere with their system, it should be the
person's choice which screen reader to use.
I have JAWS installed, but rarely use it because NVDA serves my
just fine.
Not to mention, I love how NVDA let's you know when you have a
error while typing. JAWS will not do that. It will only tell you which
is misspelled if you read word by word.
What I'm trying to say is I wish employers would give it a chance
making a judgment.

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