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Yes I imagine the restriction on number of operations is to discourage bot systems, but in fact, I'm sure there are ways around it.
One has to say though, why bother. If twitter cannot make money except by restrictive practices, let them go to the wall.

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For you devs out there here is what else will brake in September,
September 10 to be exact.

New Twitter limits coming on September 10.

On 19 Aug 2018, at 16:16, Lino Morales wrote:

John. I’m sure that will still work TW Blue, Open Tween, etc. still
work even your other 3rd party apps on other platforms such as IOS
still work. Only thing you won’t get unless you use the official
Twitter on IOS is push notifications. Streaming Tweets are gone, but
you’ll still receive them every couple of minutes.

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Subject: [nvda] Twitter clients that work well with NVDA?

Hi all. Due to the changes in Twitter, I might have to change Twitter
clients. I'm using Chicken Nugget but rumor has it that it might not
updated. So anybody got a recommendation for a client that works with
NVDA and works with the new Twitter changes? I hear a lot about TWBlue
and Tween. Ideally I'd like something pretty close to Nugget so I
have to learn a ton of new stuff. I have no idea what's out there
though, so figured I'd better ask.

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