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JAWS has announced mouseover links for a long time.  No other screen=-reader I have used or tried has.  I've useed or tried System Access, Window-eyes, and NVDA.  Unless mouseover links do things that matter more than years ago, it may not matter.  Most of the time in the past, when I would use the JAWS mouseover link feature, the page wouldn't change in any way that mattered.  Those who know more about how mouseover links are used now will be able to give a current perspective. 
In order to implement a mouseover feature, just flagging a link is inadequate.  You have to have announced, when on the link and when a command has given, whether the page has changed and at what line.  Then, you need a jump to line command so you can move to that line.  You also need a return to previous position command. 

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I notice that the latest version of Jaws is now  flagging these clickable
elements on web sites.                                                                                                       is this a good thing, and should nvda be doing the

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