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Clickable is unrelated to mouseover.  A clickable item is something you can click, in keyboard terms press enter on, that is not a link, button, or other structure that is known to be clickable to the user.  It may just be text that is made clickable in some way I don't have the technical knowledge to discuss.  .  So it is identified as clickable so the user knows.
Mouseover is a link you can hover the mouse over and the page will change in some way.  Mouseover links can also be followed, with the action of a standard link being taken. 
Yu may be having a problem but whatever it is, it isn't related to mouseover.
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OK, my apologies since this is really getting off topic:


I am attempting to see if the below is still happening and if there is an issue with the code developers are using.


BEGIN Quote:

Jaws 15, 17, 18

Browser: IE11, FF 48, Chrome 54





Jaws reading the Quick Search tab, Advanced Search tab, circle cross close button and then reading the paragraph in the Quick search. In this paragraph

it is reading clickable after every line.

End Quote


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The command to move to the next mouseover element is semicolon.


But why do you think mouseover has anything to do with oververbosity?  All that happens when you move to a mouseover element is that JAWS announces the word "mouseover" after it announces the element.  If you don't use the mouseover simulation command on the element, that's all that happens.



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Could you please provide an example I know JAWS has keystrokes to jump to mouseover / clickable elements but was having trouble tracking down a recent issue on an non-NVDA system relating to over-verbosity of JAWS in some circumstances.

Jonathan Cohn
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I notice that the latest version of Jaws is now  flagging these clickable elements on web sites. is this a good thing, and should nvda be doing the same?

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