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Charles Adkins

I think that's a wonderful solution, that way you have total control just like the old-school days. Theres nothing like manual fading and manual segways. Computers are rather cheap nowadays and you certainly don't need something that powerful with all the bells and whistles just to play audio files. 

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Hello there,

I am a blind dj in Pittsburgh, pa in t eh states.

I have done it prior to my loosing my sight with two turntables and vinyl records.

Since loosing my sight I have successfully did it using two computers and a standard mixer.

One computer for each turntable per say, I have two qsc powered speakers that are totally awesome.

I have tested the system in my house for about a year and am very comfident in it.

I use nvda as the screen reader on the computers and just use media player for playing the music, I have nvda to be set at no speech when media is playing, thus when I press enter on a song media player automatically starts and there is no speech so the song just plays and no speech is heard over the speakers.

If you have any more questions, just feel free to ask.


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Hi Quentin,


I suggest Station Playlist Studio for mixing with several decks and streaming.





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Subject: [nvda] Query for any DJs in the group


Hi folks,


I had a query from someone about accessible software for DJs - they want to use a laptop both for storing music and playing back / controlling speakers etc.


So, what do (or don't) you use?  What would you recommend to someone new?







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