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Okay I usually stay out of this. However I work as a taxi dispatcher and we
are kind of ould school. We use two different note pad files and if you use
nvda the lag time between switching between files with nvda is a lot slower
then using jaws. NVDA at least for me can not keep up with a high paced use
case like this.

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Regarding jaws being more heavyweight, I urge folks to copy, paste, or
delete a file in windows explorer with NVDA and see what happens.

For someone who does this on a daily basis for work, this is by far the
biggest shortcoming. It's existed since windows 10 came into being and
still exists today.

There was someone on youtube the other day who had this exact same
problem without any provocation - blind flightsimmer is his name. Shift
tabbing from a file name edit box to try and browse the files, NVDA
remained stubbornly silent whereas jaws read the list, first try.

As far as jaws crashing goes, jaws, for me at least, has been recovering
far more reliably than NVDA. That didn't used to be the case. Ever since
I switched to chrome though NVDA and jaws have both been doing
fantastically in comparison to firefox 60.

On 20-Aug-2018 7:55 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
Carrot brousing was usefull in the day for the blind, it made things
more accessible.

Screenreaders were not as smart then.

It was back in 1995 it was usefull.

Not so much now, os and readers are smarter now.

On 8/21/2018 12:47 PM, Gene wrote:
These things must be tested before it is known if they are at all
useful.  Karret browsing is of no benefit to blind users.  I tested
it because I thought that was what I had seen when I tested it a long
time ago and my memory is correct.

When you turn it on, if you were in browse mode, you stay in browse
mode.  If you turn browse mode off, nothing is different from having
karret mode off.   You hear nothing or nothing meaningful when you
move using movement keys and you can't select text with shift and
arrow keys.

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It is my understanding that with both IE and Firefox one can enable
the “caret browsing” functionality to allow selection of information
from the Browser rendering rather than the virtual buffer when
selecting on the web. SO, this should be another technique for
retrieving content with its formatting intact.

Best Wishes,

Jonathan Cohn

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It is Mike who was talking to you all earlier about copy and paste. I
am now on my personal e-mail.

I want to clarify what was said about the copy and paste system on
the web needing to be perfected, for NVDA to be adequate for college
and employment. Let us take a moment to think about what NVDA does
for us, because of the hundreds if not thousands of man hours of
development put into this. I pulled down the source from GitHub,
after talking with Joseph Lee, to gain an appreciation of what goes
into building this thing. It is incredible. I work for the Boeing
Company. That is right. It is the same company that builds all the
airplanes and Defense, Space, and security systems. I use NVDA as my
primary screen reader in Git BASH, and Visual Studio Code. NVDA is
what helped me build the Angular template for Boeing’s frontend
architecture reference implementation. I only ever turn on JAWS, if I
am using something highly proprietary like Citrix.

Do I think NVDA could use some improvements that proprietary screen
readers have? Absolutely, but we must also remember the imperfections
of proprietary readers. NVDA is the best reader I have found that
supports Notepad++ and SQL Server Management Studio where JAWS
repeats the lines, when I down arrow. JAWS is also way more
heavyweight, and crashes over the simplest things. I cannot remember
the last time NVDA froze.

Overall, what we need is an attitude of gratitude. NVDA is plenty
suited for education and employment, despite its imperfection and
need for a bit of improvement. Let me close out by saying use
Microsoft Narrator full-time for education and employment, or even
Orca for Linux. They do not have half the shit NVDA does.

Thank you so much for taking the time to volunteer and develop NVDA.
Keep up the great work! I will use NVDA until the day I die over JAWS.

Mighty Mike

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