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I have always just used NVDA + the up arrow twice to spell out a word.
I use NVDA + up arrow to re-read a line ... if I hit up twice it
spells out the sentence for me. The only difference between that and
using numpad 5 is that it doesn't do it phonetically.

On 8/21/18, Quentin Christensen <> wrote:
Hi Abbie,

To have NVDA spell the suggested word (or the misspelling, or any other
word you are reading at any point), press numpad 5 twice quickly (or if
using Laptop keyboard layout, press NVDA+control+. twice quickly).



On Wed, Aug 22, 2018 at 9:10 AM, Abbie Taylor <>

I'm also a writer. I'm not familiar with object navigation, but I can tab
through the spell checker dialog in Word 2013 and read everything except
the misspelled word. In the list of suggestions, NVDA doesn't spell the
suggested words.

For this reason, I have NVDA set to notify me of spelling mistakes. When
proofreading a document, I pay attention to these and correct them on the
spot. Then, I run the spell checker in case I missed anything. When I do,
since I have some vision, I enlarge the text so I can more easily see my

I've tried Jarte, a free word processing program. In that spell checker,
NVDA works a lot better, since it's laid out in a menu, and even spells
misspelled word and suggestions. Unfortunately, Jarte dosn't have all the
functions of Microsoft Word. I hope this is helpful.

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