Re: VLC meedia player with nvda


To be honest, if you have dvd audio extracter you can crack the dvds.

I personally think its a crime for us to have to even do this especially if the damn things are ours and sightlings can handle the menus for nothing.

Windows media player may work better.

In most dvds which are not paramount, its possible to extract the dvd but with some startrek dvds all the files are done in such a way that while you can pull them they are in bits and bobs and unable to be reordered.

In others they are almost impossible to get.

Saying that with streaming being a thing, dvds and video shops are a thing of the past.

Then again, while I have a lot, I have not brought or listened to a dvd in ages.

Its not much good if I can't access it, or if while I can crack the thing I have issues cracking them.

I actually object to cracking the dvds in the first place as it takes time to do so about 30 minutes especially if I will only watch them once.

I even have to crack rental dvds so I can watch them and while I will crack all day long I really think the laws that make dvds accessible should also imply that there is a way to either rent audio described dvds or audio tracks or buy them out right.

That would make me not hack the dvds in the first place.

But those laws don't exist and now its just to hard to do that now so I just don't watch many dvds now.

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Is this the old chestnut of the copyright warning which you cannot read or skip past till its been on screen for a while threatening  boiling in oil if you even think about ripping out the film on it? grin.
I don't know the answer myself. DVDs seem to be actually getting worse for accessibility of late.

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Subject: [nvda] VLC meedia player with nvda

Hi all
I am trying to play a dvd with vlc meedia player
But it gets stuck at the intro whitch then means i have to press play like a normal dvd player
But it is all ready playing
Does any one know how to get to the next lpart where it plays

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