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I find the Clipspeak add-on very useful, because without it there is no announcement of when copying and cutting and pasting has been done;

As for the system tray add-on, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but why do you need this add-on, and consider it as essential, when the system tray is perfectly usable without it? I’m not criticizing, just curious as to why you consider it a necessary add-on and think it should be part of NVDA, when NVDA can easily read the system tray on its own?

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I don't use many add ons because the way I use my computer, I don't benefit from most of them.  But the two I use regularly and I consider important enough that they shouldn't be add ons is Clip Speak, which announces copy and past when you copy to and past from the clipboard, and the system tray dialog add on.  The system tray dialog has been a standard part of screen-readers since Windows 2008.  It should be included in NVDA itself but it isn't.


As for Clipp Speak, I don't know if there is a new version that solves these problems.  the original version caused some problems in Word and it caused a problem in the Youtube downloader I use even though I wasn't directly using the add on.  So, if you see strange problems you didn't have before, even if they seem unrelated to anything you would expect the add on to cause, try disabling them and see if the problem disappears.



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What are the most useful add-ons for you people?

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