NVDA keeping another process open

Felix G.

Has anyone else noticed that when NVDA is running, it seems to keep
some other processes permanently open? For example, there is a
development environment, let's call it x, which I use for creating a
software component. Strangely, when I open x and then close it again,
it stays running as a process in task manager, but as soon as I close
NVDA it also closes. I've tried with two other screen readers and they
don't affect it in this way, that is, with those running, the process
stops immediately when I close its window. So NVDA seems to do
something to certain other processes which keeps them from
I noticed the same with Outlook 2007, by the way, which I am still
using on one machine. That also won't close as long as NVDA is
running, but as soon as I exit NVDA, Outlook closes along with it.
Other screen readers don't affect Outlook in this way.

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