Re: NVDA 2016.2 release candidate 1 is out, an audio tutorial on what's new in 2016.2 posted #NVAccess

kavein thran

hi joseph, thanks for your tutorial. I should say that it's very
wellcoming what's new for nvda. Hope to have more what's new from you
as it's really nice to listen to new content before really using it.

On 5/26/16, Aravind R <> wrote:
it is working in firefox also.
thank you joseph sir for audio tutorial.
still, i couldn't understand how to make NVDA announce grammar mistake.

On 5/26/16, Joseph Lee <> wrote:

I’ve seen this appear in Outlook, certain IE edit fields and what not.



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tutorial on what's new in 2016.2 posted #NVAccess

joseph, once again thanks for you detail demonstration.
I am not sure if I get it wrong or not, is the spelling error sound is
functioning in MS Office Word? Or it is functioning as long as office
is installed and typing else where do have the sound effect?

Joseph Lee 於 26/5/2016 12:41 寫道:

Hi everyone,

Yes, indeed the RC1 is out. Featuring spelling error sounds, recognition
grammar errors and more, there’s something for everyone in this update.

The post from NV access can be found at:

Note: This is a release candidate. If everything goes as planned, the
official version will be out by next week.

Also, an audio tutorial on what’s new in NVDA 2016.2 has been posted. The
direct link is:

Note that this might be last What’s New tutorial (unless people say I
continue to produce these). Enjoy.



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