Re: how to force nvda not to anounce XX as twenty, LV as fifty five, etc

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Ok, I am trying out what you have suggested, thanks.

Quentin Christensen 於 21/8/2018 7:59 寫道:

That is done by the synth itself.

You can use the speech dictionary to override it.  So if you want IV to be read as "I", "V" rather than 4, add a new entry and in the pattern to match, type "iv"; in the replacement field, type "i v" (put a space in between the letters, don't use quotes), and select the "Whole word" radio button.

Of course you would have to do the same for each potential combination, but if there are several which you encounter regularly then it could be worthwhile for those at least.



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Which synth are you using. I've not been able to stop it in Espeak.
Its really irritating as we have an organisation here called VI Parliament which gets said as Roman 6 Parliament!


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whenever NVDA come across something as LV CD XX XXX XXX etc will processed as numbers where I want to stop such process, how would I be able to do that?


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