Re: strange stuff happening with the latest version of NVDA and Windows 1803

Tony Ballou

Hi Annette,

Thanks, I know I'm not alone now.  I've done all of the tricks in the
arsenal that you mentioned and I still find myself playing the game, of
where's the file,and why can't ya read it sighs. This is totally weird. 
Hope we can find some solution for this madness.  If even does it with
the Microsoft Narrator also. And when it works properly, it only does it
for about 5 minutes.


On 8/22/2018 8:39 PM, Annette Moore wrote:
Hi, Tony. It's a pain in the rear, but try restarting NVDA when you
encounter treeview lists that won't read. it happens with me in
Explorer. when I restart NVDA, it usually corrects the issue--at least
for a while anyway. Maximizing the window will also tell you on what
item your cursor is placed, but again, it's a pain to arrow through
and keep hitting alt+space, then x and reading the current line.
Alternatively, close all of your Explorer windows and reopen them. Or
go do something else for about five minutes and then return to your
PC. If you get too frustrated, try another screen reader. These are
the things I've done to deal with this problem. I keep hoping with
each Windows update or NVDA update that the issue will be corrected,
but so far it hasn't been. It isn't a deal breaker. there's something
in another screen reader that drives me even more bonkers, and that's
how the insert key randomly stops working. At least it doesn't do that
in NVDA. I can live with the treeview lists not reading because I can
always restart NVDA, but when the insert key quits working, I can't
restart the other screen reader because that's one of the keys used to
restart it. Anyway, I hope this is somewhat helpful for you. Take care.


On 8/22/2018 6:55 PM, Tony Ballou wrote:
Howdy Folks,

Not sure where to pinpoint this issue, but here's the deal.

When I try to read the list of files in my folders, NVDA simply will say
tree view and not tell me any of the folder contents.  It also doesn't
speak when I arrow through the list.

Another thing that also happens is that windows will say task switching
when I try to press alt-tab to move around the screen.  To get things to
properly function, I have to press the space bar to get it to tell me
what window I'm on. Another thing that happens is that I have to use the
f10 function key to navigate to the menus, because the alt key doesn't
work.   Does anyone have any ideas about this strange behavior. I've
got the latest version of NVDA and windows 1803.  Thanks in advance.


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