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Personally though i do not use it myself for either 7 or 10, due to the tree structure making my life too complex, I'd always go with tbird as it has sensible rules and can also do newsgroups as well, which despite rumours about its demise it is still there.
The email app in Windows looks to me like some kind of afterthought. It just does emails needs to be watched as Microsoft tend to break accessibility every time they bring out an update and it has no rules or anything useful about it in my view.
Outlook works, but recently there have been issues with the latest versions in office.

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I imagine I'll get more than one opinion here, but what do people use in
Windows 10 for email? Other questions would include, accessible out of the
box, and if not, what needs to happen, additional tweaks, apps, etc. Thanks
for any help!

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