Re: ccleaner update 5.45 is bugged


Sadly true.

firstly the avast thing.

This is fine since if you load the slim installer thats not a problem.

Though since I can run portable all I miss are the start and desktop shortcuts and if I set the options and such right I will never need the icons anyway.

I will also not ever need the inaccessible front config panel unless dropbox becomes bankrupt.

I suppose I should thank them for the latest error though.

I will no longer have to worry about the issues around the installed coppy or their stupidness with that version.

It does seem that a lot of people have noticed that the privacy and other issues are broken, the fact they pulled back was probably more likely user outrage and the treat of not complying with gdpr and other things than anything else but for whatever the reason, they have had no choice but to pull back.

Further reading said "some users are using 4.40"

Now to my way of thinking, 4.1 through 4.4x have some undesirable issues as well as the latest version in fact the entire 4.4x branch may itself bebug prone.

Putting that in prospective, the 1.40 branch was when a lot of this issue came up.

And if we pushed it further back combined with the hacking into by disgruntled employees the 1.3x versions were also a problem to.

I think the only reason they still have customers is that nothing else compairs to it, I will never leave ccleaner because I still like a lot of it.

Saying that just like intel they need to fix things before they lose  everything.

In their case, we have had at least 5 such small bugs and modifications all starting with avast taking over.

In support the comment was that they would have a serious descussion with avast about their program accessibility and would withdraw it from their installer, weather that means moving away from it entirely has to be seen.

However it all went wrong when avast took over.

True the front panel has been since the 1.2-1.30 versions been a bit suspect, but if all that was I could let it slide.

The monitering issues, plus the privacy issues, I could let them slide.

Even the latest issues with their settings I could let slide but all of this with avast does concern me.

I ahd the same issue with dvdvideosoft, they used opencandy, and I lost a good os configuration because of spyware, I needed to reformat to get things fixed, I had to spend a lot of cash, some of which went to programs from applian which wile reasonably accessible they are not fully that way and applian don't acknowledge it fully so I have wasted a lot of cash.

With youtube dl 0.3 being the last accessible version of that client 038 to be precise I am starting to wander who I can trust these days.

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Yes they do seem to have a very  common tendency to shoot themselves in the foot since the take over.


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read this to find out more

I keep getting messages saying 5.45 is not the latest version, today I found out that 5.44 was now the latest version.

Aparently the monitering not being respected, the privacy button being gone and a whole lot of other things were actually bugs.

So for now piriform/avast have withdrawn ccleaner 5.45.

As part of this downdate here is my revised ccleaner ini file with the privacy preffs set.


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