Re: ccleaner update 5.45 is bugged


Well you may have to reformat to get things to work I had to do that to another system to get rid of avast.

I use the portable now and that at least gives me ccleaner, if you use it on 7 you at least can configure the damn thing manually if you need to, and set up the ini file.

Even so, you will have to sacrofice ease of use with icons but thats a price I am willing to pay.

On 8/23/2018 8:25 PM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
Yes, I still have an installed version but its been maimed in its snooping and I have no intention of downloading an installer since they started the underhand task install to download avast in the background and present it at a later time. Avast is now as far as I am concerned a virus itself. I'm pretty sure that it is what has ruined my dropbox access on two machines. IE the prefs share and browse log in panels are blank and no idea why. The rest of windows is fine.
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You can override with 5.44 you don't need to remove it.

Just download and unzip the portable or run the slim installer from the ccleaner builds.

Today I found that I can set the uac skip in advanced settings of ccleaner.

The only difference between the portable and the installed coppies apart from registry settings, and the start menu icons as well as desktop icon isn't much.

In fact bar the avast, the trials and the other malware piriform have now, thats all it is.

You don't actually need to install ccleaner if you know what you are doing.

And with a properly configured ccleaner with my ini file you just won't need to even bother with installer anything now.

On 8/23/2018 9:12 AM, Roger Stewart wrote:
I have cleaner 5.45. Should I remove it and get 5.44 or just install the .ini file in its folder?



On 8/22/2018 1:32 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

read this to find out more

I keep getting messages saying 5.45 is not the latest version, today I found out that 5.44 was now the latest version.

Aparently the monitering not being respected, the privacy button being gone and a whole lot of other things were actually bugs.

So for now piriform/avast have withdrawn ccleaner 5.45.

As part of this downdate here is my revised ccleaner ini file with the privacy preffs set.

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