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Ervin, Glenn

I haven't been happy with Thunderbird on my windows 7 computer, it seemed too much, I just wanted something like Outlook Express, so when I set up a client's computer to use OE, and the windows 10 update removed it on its own, I set his computer to use the default windows mail program.
It is pretty good, but it seems much less configurable than OE.
For example, I could not find a way to change the order of messages to have the newest at the bottom.

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I use thunderbird 60.

If you want something thats fully accessible and need addons 52.9.1 is the last version of thunderbird that mozilla has before it switched over to the 60x and higher series.

One word of warning though, according to the main thunderbird website that version is never going to get updated again so its going to eventually probably expire probably.

If you don't need addons at all, then the quantom interface for thunderbird works well enough as long as you set messages to open in the same window and turn off tabbed brousing in settings as well as set the home page to inbox.

You may or may not need sighted help to turn off the lightning addon for calendar.

Last time I set it up it did itself.

On 8/23/2018 7:33 PM, Kwork wrote:
I imagine I'll get more than one opinion here, but what do people use
in Windows 10 for email? Other questions would include, accessible out
of the box, and if not, what needs to happen, additional tweaks, apps,
etc. Thanks for any help!

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