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Well maybe you should be a Jaws user then.. grin.
However I seem to recall that there are programs to convert menus, but each time windows updates it needs to be reinstalled, and I am not sure if the office one still will work. Office 2019is about I notice. What is new there I wonder. I am still using office 2003 and 2 with nvda as far as word is concerned.
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I use Office 2000 at home on my 7 machine, and I had on my friend’s Windows 10, but when it updated, it quit working.
I prefer 2000.
I hate the ribbon stuff.

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As an aside to this conversation, for those who would like to use Outlook 2016, it's now far cheaper, and completely legal, to get "recycled" licenses for Office 2016.

There was some change to the laws in the EU that have made it illegal for Microsoft to tie the license for Office to a single machine literally, and if that single machine is being tossed out it is legal for its owner to extract the Office license for use on another. Well, this has resulted in a cottage industry of computer geeks buying up mass quantities of computers being junked and extracting and reselling the licenses.

I have just upgraded 4 computers in my household from Office 2010 to Office 2016 (actually, I've got both running side by side, just in case I want to do something in 2010), and each Office 2016 Pro Plus license was purchased on eBay for under $10, and they all activated just fine. I just paid attention to the seller's reputation when purchasing.

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