Re: I am having to refresh the buffer a lot more than usual

David Moore

Hi Brian and all!

I have had a lot of problems with NVDA and Google Chrome and Firefox lately. I have the latest Alpha build, and I can hardly use NVDA in Edge, anymore, Firefox is very slow, and I have to keep refreshing the buffer in Chrome as well. I have to do that, probably every two minutes or so, and sometimes, I have to reload the page. I never had any of this trouble with NVDA on the web until the last couple of weeks.

I am concerned.

I hope some others can speak up and say how their web experience is on their browser.

Thanks a lot for bringing this up!

David Moore

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Google have changed their interface in the last week or so. I find Waterfox

works but firefox sometimes misses the updated page data with nvda unless it

is refreshed. Whether this is a quirk of the browser or nvda I really do not





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> Hello listers. I am using Firefox 61.0.2, along with the most recent NVDA

> alpha release. I'll do my best to describe what is going on, as I see it.

> I'll go to <> , and do a search. I

> expect that any results will show up after pressing enter when typing of

> my

> query is complete. Sometimes, this will happen. Other times, I see no

> headings. However, when I press nvda+f5, everything shows as expected.

> I'll

> work to isolate this more specifically. Has anyone else had any issues

> such

> as this?







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