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On Fri, Aug 24, 2018 at 12:18 AM, Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William wrote:
I wish to adopt your suggestion, but I have to include the option of no Chinese, no english and no numbers follow by the "lv"
Here you are saying that you need to match something followed by "lv" rather than prefixed with "lv", which is best done with a second regular expression.  Please provide a number of examples, including Chinese characters, of things you'd like to have matched that would be followed by lv.   If there can be intervening whitespace between the prefixing characters and the following "lv" then definitely include examples of such.

The ability to do regular expression matching and substitution is one of NVDA's most powerful features "under the hood," and very few have any idea that it exists or how it's used, so this is a worthwhile discussion to have.  I can't recall one about regular expressions occurring on the group before.

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