Re: Beeping paragraphs

hurrikennyandopo ...


I am wondering if it is the following under the documentation formatting menu in NVDA. Look for Line indentation reporting: Off  then turn it to off.

it sounds like it could be set to beeps? there is another option there for speech. Just put them to off it is a combo box.

I do not think it is spelling errors where you get a buzz sound if that was the case under the same section turn off reporting of spelling areas. There was another section which skips my mind at present but am guessing it is the first option given.

Gene nz

On 8/25/2018 7:28 AM, Larry Silvermintz wrote:

Please help figure out why this sound happens and how to stop it:  Whenever I move to the next/previous paragraph, a brief low-pitch tone is made before reading the paragraph.

This is with the Miscellaneous --> move to next/previous paragraph navigation commands.  This happens both in Microsoft Word and WordPad.  I have tried different input gestures, such as control-up/control-down and control-alt-shift-up/down


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