Advisory: StationPlaylist add-on 18.08.2 and later (tomorrow) will no longer check for updates on its own


Hi all,


An important advisory for those using StationPlaylist Studio add-on:


A few days ago I asked users of this add-on (members of nvda-spl list) if they are willing to let Add-on Updater update SPL add-on, to which users said “yes”. Thus the advisory below:


Starting from StationPlaylist add-on 18.08.2 (to be released tomorrow), SPL add-on will rely on Add-on Updater to check for add-on updates if Add-on Updater is installed. This will affect everyone using more recent versions of the add-on (development snapshots included). Also, Add-on Updater will be updated to check for SPL add-on updates, using “update channel” key found in SPL add-on’s manifest file to determine which channel to use.


In case you’re using SPL add-on development snapshots, this change will take place tonight when I release August 25th snapshot build. In order to receive future updates, you’ll either need to download future snapshots manually from NVDA Community Add-ons website or install the next release of Add-on Updater that’ll let you switch to development channel for some add-ons.


Thank you.



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