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I've used the gmail site, and I agree with Sarah that it's easy to use, but in my opinion, it's clunky compared to Thunderbird and other programs. First of all, there doesn't seem to be a way to change the order in which messages are displayed. I prefer to read my messages from top to bottom with the newest at the bottom. I often skip messages and read them later when I have more time. I can do this more easily in Thunderbird because with one click of the down or up arrow, I'm told the message's subject, sender and other pertinent information. On the gmail site, I have to tab, arrow, or use other navigation commands to get this information. Since the gmail site displays the newer messages at the top, I can read messages from bottom to top, but when I delete a message, instead of opening the next message, as Thunderbird does, the gmail site takes me back to the in box, and I have to navigate to the next message I want to read. This makes using the gmail site more time consuming than using Thunderbird.

However, Thunderbird has its drawbacks, as I said in an earlier message. It's sometimes slow on start-up, and it freezes after I send a reply to a message on this and other lists in digest mode. I then have to close it, re-start it, find the digest message I was viewing, and find my place. That doesn't take nearly as much time as slogging through the gmail site. These are just my thoughts for what they're worth. To each his own.

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