Re: NVDA 2016.2: Unable to find 'Play sound for spelling errors while typing' option

Bhavya shah

Hi Tyler and Aravind,
Thanks for the help. It was extremely foolish of me not to have
thought of this before.
I enabled the 'report spelling errors' Document Formatting setting and
henceforth appeared the auditory indication option in the Keyboard
Settings dialog. Actually, I don't want verbal reporting at all, only
real-time auditory indications, because I don't want all the proper
nouns I have to frequently use to be flagged incorrect to me all the
time, only a beep would be endurable.
Would it be the case of more users possibly facing this issue and
having this request to receive only auditory warnings and no verbal
feedback for spelling errors?

On 5/26/16, Aravind R <aravind.andhrabank@...> wrote:
hi bavya,
enable the spelling error announcement in documents and settings.
then only, sound alert option will come in keyboard settings.

On 5/26/16, Lino Morales <linomorales001@...> wrote:
Its there in keyboard settings here. Its checked by default.

On 5/26/2016 12:58 AM, Bhavya shah wrote:
Dear all,
As noted in the What's New document of NVDA version 2016.2 RC 1, there
has been introduced an auditory indication for spelling errors in edit
However, I am not only unable to experience this functionality by
typing nonsensical pieces of characters as words in Firefox edit
fields and a Word document, but also am unable to locate the
corresponding option named 'Play sound for spelling errors while
typing' which supposedly should have been in NVDA's Keyboard Settings
dialog, though I did skim through several other NVDA Preferences
dialogs for the same too without success.
Please reply and let me know if others can confirm this or not, in
which case I (or others) may file a ticket for the same.

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