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Well, this is how Chinese work. Chinese normally don't have spaces between words. Unlike English there are lots of spaces, Chinese almost have no spaces.

For the suggestions what I have given, mainly I want to capture all the "lv" that is alone from other English, i.e. not preceded or followed by any other English word; and at the same time capture those "lv" that is in between Chinese word, immediately before numbers, that is what the three examples I meant. Sorry for the lack of explaination in the previous email.

Brian Vogel 於 25/8/2018 21:18 寫道:


I'm not asking for a phonetic transcription, but a "how would you like those broken apart" description for how the three examples you provided, which follow, should be read (with my guesses afterward):

你的lv?                 你的 level  (and is that question mark the end of a sentence)
我的lv是12           我的 level  是 12
我maxlv了            我 max level 了

This gets very tricky if the first example is the end of a sentence while the others are not.  Also, do you happen to know if the unicode for the entire Chinese character set is sequential, like the unicode for, say, a-z or 0-9 is?

In that last example, would it only be "max" and "min" in the three character positions before lv when used?

The lack of the use of whitespace in these forms makes them trickier to accurately snag and parse apart for substitution for the voice synthesizer.  They look like something that would be unpronouncable without being broken into several units.

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