Re: Screen Reader under DOS

Felix G.

DosBox itself will not speak unless you run a DOS screen reader inside
of it. A complete setup including three DOS screen readers can be
downloaded from:
It was created to be able to run old games, so if that's your idea,
this is the way to go.
Am So., 26. Aug. 2018 um 10:27 Uhr schrieb The Wolf <hank.smith966@...>:

but don't you still need to run a screen reader for dos box?

I haven't used dos in so long things may have changed

On 8/25/2018 10:30 PM, Isaac wrote:
probably have to use vocalizer for dos or jaws for dos. Or you could
run a windows machine with dos box.
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On 8/25/2018 5:06 PM, Howard Traxler wrote:
I'm going to build a DOS machine and will, of course, need it to talk
and possibly display in Braille. I'm wondering if NVDA will run under
DOS? I think I'll probably use DOS version 6.22. If not, I do have
others here that will run.

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